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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 33 reviews
          Christi Jett
          New wave Golden fluffy hot wigs

          Love this wig
          Bought More to have a variety...have lupus and Am losing my hair...had
          Extensions and the glue pulled my hair out
          Will by More in the future 😊!!!

          Monique S.

          This wig is full and beautiful. The hair is very natural looking. I purchased one and then turned around and bought a second. Also, I purchased them in the highest density. However, the wig is full but cannot tell if it’s my hair or I would recommend this wig to anyone that love color and fuller hair. Also I washed one and the curls pop right is heat resistant so you can either straighten or curl this wig. The length is about 26 maybe with lots of beautiful layers. I love this hair.:)

          Kelly Stevens
          Best Wig Ever

          I’ve had this wig 3 times and thought I’d try something new from a different site. Terrible idea. The service at wigyy is top notch and the wigs consistently come perfect. This wig in particular really changed the game for me. I struggle with hair loss because of an illness but love having BIG volumous hair. I used to pile extensions on extensions to make my hair big when I had a little left, and once it was all gone I was so nervous to try wigs because. I ordered a bunch but this one was the keeper. I wore it everyday With wig glue literally for about 4 months without it become hard and crispy to the touch. No joke it’s a good freaking quality wig. Wigyy take my money & never change😎 thanks for making my life easier and less painful.


          I want to order but I can't find length anywhere. Does anyone know how long these are? I appreciate any help.

          Liz skinner
          love this wig

          My favorite. I have bought a total of five of these wigs. I couldn't be happier with them.