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          Wigyy Reviews

          Based on 734 reviews

          Loved everything about it.


          I love this piece.
          I have spent hundreds of dollars on wigs and only have one other that compares to the quality of this one.
          I wish there were more styles in this color. Like a lob, or asymmetrical cut because this thing is amazing.
          I have received so many compliments.
          There's only two problems that I have with it. I have ordered the thickest you can go. But at the front of the face it is so thick that wearing a headband is super noticeable because of the hump that it gives.
          The other problem is how easy it is to tangle. This is something that I wear daily. Within a matter of a week it starts to naturally dread even after brushing with a wide tooth comb which initially just makes more rats.
          I'm thinking with a shorter length it will not be as bad. Keep the curls keep the color but please adjust the length and make more options!
          I wore this to our renewal in Vegas recently. Photos provided.
          So far I have ordered four. The price and quality together keeps me coming back. Especially since they wear so fast with the hair tangling. I am able to have extras while washing the previous ones.
          A must have.
          More examples on my Instagram. Mandaizum

          New wave

          Love it


          Literally stopped wearing all of my other wigs. In L O V E


          Can’t believe how nice it is for the price! Hair is very natural looking, I’m not great at putting on wigs yet but it is very user friendly. Beautiful color and style!

          Pony clip

          Love how easy to place in my hair.. looks great and fun.

          Fun wig that photographs well

          Wig is comfortable and looks great. Color on the product photo was a little brighter/lighter in tone on my monitor, and it shows up with a more blonde hue under the peach/pink in person. Currently have a little bit of trouble tucking all of my hair away but pretty sure that's user error, not the wig.

          ONe the best so far!!!!

          Gurls get this wig!!!! I have bought 2 already!!!!! They are thick! They are a pretty blond that you dont expect with the darker here in between. And, MEN LOVE MY HAIR ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!

          Absolutely in love.

          I have a huge head. Was worried about the fit and it was perfect! Used the tutorial sent in the email and used tweezers to thin out the front and part. Will probably thin out the front a bit more but i have a wonderful thick gorgeous wig to make perfect for my face. This is my first wig of many. Thank you Wigyy for making a me such a fan of wigs.

          Loved it love the fit and color . Looks great and natural on me . Would recommend 💯

          New wave Golden fluffy hot wigs

          Love this wig
          Bought More to have a variety...have lupus and Am losing my hair...had
          Extensions and the glue pulled my hair out
          Will by More in the future 😊!!!

          love it! but..

          the wig is very high quality for the price. there’s some minor shedding but that’s to be expected. however, the color of the wig is very different from the picture. i ordered the pink wig, but in most lighting it appears more brown than pink. it only has a bit of a pink undertone when shown in good light. nonetheless, it is a beautiful wig and i love it!


          This wig is full and beautiful. The hair is very natural looking. I purchased one and then turned around and bought a second. Also, I purchased them in the highest density. However, the wig is full but cannot tell if it’s my hair or I would recommend this wig to anyone that love color and fuller hair. Also I washed one and the curls pop right is heat resistant so you can either straighten or curl this wig. The length is about 26 maybe with lots of beautiful layers. I love this hair.:)

          Best Wig Ever

          I’ve had this wig 3 times and thought I’d try something new from a different site. Terrible idea. The service at wigyy is top notch and the wigs consistently come perfect. This wig in particular really changed the game for me. I struggle with hair loss because of an illness but love having BIG volumous hair. I used to pile extensions on extensions to make my hair big when I had a little left, and once it was all gone I was so nervous to try wigs because. I ordered a bunch but this one was the keeper. I wore it everyday With wig glue literally for about 4 months without it become hard and crispy to the touch. No joke it’s a good freaking quality wig. Wigyy take my money & never change😎 thanks for making my life easier and less painful.

          High quality

          I just love these extensions. They are so easy to wear. These are the best extensions I have ever had.

          Halo Wigyy

          Absolutely Love my Wigyy. Length, shine and color were a perfect match! I’ll be buying MORE!!!

          The front was weird

          I do love this wig I just wish the frount was better .

          I’d give it a 5 star but...

          The wig is absolutely beautiful, I love the color. I was a bit disappointed to find out the front part is a lot smaller than I thought it would maybe half the size of my pinky. And I can’t change the part like I thought I’d be able to. And it tangles really easily. So I have to brush it and use product so it doesn’t become super fluffy(and tangle even more so) almost every few days. I wear it a lot. The wig itself is gorgeous but know it’s a bit more maintenance than some would prefer. But if you’re okay with that I’d say go for it cause it is absolutely stunning and I get compliments on my ‘hair’ on the daily. Hardly anyone can tell it’s a wig. Unless they’re purposely looking for that.

          Hair extensions

          Good product. I love it.

          Pretty change

          I do love it!! It’s slightly different from the pictures but I think I can work with it.. I wish the part didn’t look so fake but I’m hoping I can comb it out at some point. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments.
          Some of my family isn’t used to it yet because it’s such a drastic change for me. I originally bought this to cover the shaved sides of my head LOL.

          Hot Sexy Wave Bob Wig
          Grace Ann Morrow
          So natural and flattering

          I got the burgundy se y wave Bob wig and it looks natural and has great body. Such a great cut. Obviously I had to trim the bangs and style them. But this is my new favorite wig!!!

          Love it

          Better then what I thought. It’s perfect!

          Lovely Pink Ins Hot Wigs
          Margarita Kofalt
          Beautiful Traditional Cap Wig

          This is the first wig I ever bought! The hair and the color are gorgeous, but I did need to doctor it up quite a bit to make it look more realistic. I find that the description is a bit deceiving because it does mention lace in addition to a traditional wig cap, but it is just a traditional cap wig. I’m lucky that my root color is similar to the roots of the wig, so I was able to incorporate my own baby hairs as well as ones I cut on the wig to blend into my hairline. I also lightened the part so it looks more natural. All that said, I’m super excited about this wig. People are loving this look! The shipping did take a while but not as long as I expected based on the reviews. Took a little over 2 weeks and I had access to tracking information the whole time. It actually took the longest when it got to the US, so not at all the vendor’s fault.

          Absolutely Love

          I love love love it great quality I am so happy with my purchase

          Better quality then I expected

          I got plenty of compliments on my synthetic hair. It was so long and blended perfectly with my natural hair. I even used it as a ponytail one night! Definitely recommend for the price