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          Wigyy Reviews

          Based on 950 reviews

          Great quality for the price. I had to trim it some to get the straight bang look, but that is expected. It looks natural once brushed out!

          Cute and super fun

          First time wig buyer and I purchased 4 at once to determine which color suits me, it is darker than I expected but is very similar to the advertisement picture actually!! These are only pics I had please ignore silly sign I am holding.... however I have a big head and thick fired damaged hair therefore they all fit my big head super tight....

          New Wave Golden Fluffy Hot Wigs
          Davy Senglothnam
          Absolutely stunning

          I honestly thought it would not look like in the picture but my mind is blown because it was 1 billion times better than the picture yeah yeah

          New Wave Golden Fluffy Hot Wigs
          Ellen Coleman
          The hair is just what I wanted

          I’ve been eyeing this unit for over two years but it was time to get her. Haven’t named her yet but I will . I absolutely love the texture and it’s fun to wear . I’m glad I finally have her with her other unit sisters . Delivery was fast also . Thank you

          Bought Long Hot mini lace. The thick as possible!!!!

          Absolutely love it!! Never bought a wig before so really didn't know what to expect. I was just tired of spending an hr on my hair to go to Walmart or dinner. I bought the thickest one possible. Delivery took quite awhile but I expected that. Took me 3 min to look amazing!!

          My hair barely goes past my ears but I was able to use this to make my hair look long again. I was able to do tumbling with it in without it falling out at all. The color I picked matched my hair perfectly and people couldn’t tell that it was extensions.

          Nice soft waves

          Not enough hair in back to cover cap other then that it’s light weight and comfortable attractive to wear on hot days

          Pretty but...

          The hair quality is there. I got this in the 100% normal thickness and it's enough i have a lot of hair and it isn't too bulky underneath this unit. She's so pretty. Long. The curl is nice. Those bangs though. You have to have some experience with wigs to make her look realistic and even so, the bangs I could not get to look good no matter what I did. I trimmed. I curled. I will have to wear her with a beanie and for the price I'm not mad. I would spend the little extra and get the lace front. I was so hopeful for the look as the model looks fierce af.

          New Wave Golden Fluffy Hot Wigs
          Love it

          The front is a little thick. Nothing a head band can’t cover. Love the long and beautiful curls

          Beautiful Wig

          Very good quality wigs from this website, this one feels soft and bouncy. I will be purchasing more from this website!!


          Great buy and great quality !

          Silver wig

          The wig is nice.i hope the wig gets this curly when I wet it.but the straps are too loose

          more auburn than brown

          love the cut but the color turned out to be a deep auburn rather than the brown i chose

          This one’s got ‘em turnin heads

          I love this wig ! It has quickly became my everyday . I love how it match d my skin as the colors bounce off of each other . Thank you Wigyy !!


          It’s perfect, perfect texture perfect colour just wish it had more clips as my hair is thin. So very happy with this product

          I love my wig and I am thinking about purchasing another one!

          I wish I would have just gotten blacka

          It's nice but unfortunately the color doesn't match at all.Can these be dyed?

          New Wave Golden Fluffy Hot Wigs
          Laketa Covington
          This wig is perfect

          That wig is sooo sexy on me and it looked always beautiful like a mermaid like my colleagues said!!!

          It's great. Looks exactly like the picture

          I was amazed at how pretty this wig was... i never buy synthetic but the reviews were so good i had to give it a try... this wig is perfect

          New Wave Golden Fluffy Hot Wigs
          Kendra Mack
          Flawless Hair!

          The picture does no justice for this hair in person! I have purchased two of these wigs and OMG! The hair is AMAZING! It does not frizz, it does not tangle, it's absolutely gorgeous hair! Every picture that's posted with the ladies who have purchased this wig is 4REal and beautiful!

          In love!

          Slims my face!!

          Very Flattering unit!

          This unit is very lux, full and natural-looking. The curls are a bit tight at first, but after initial wash, few wears and light brushing, it now looks as if it could be my own hair. 

          New Wave Golden Fluffy Hot Wigs
          Leah Marshall
          Looks exactly like the photo

          Great wig for the price! It's not too thick. It is a bit long but nothing a little trim can't fix. The lace is nice and thin and the baby hairs are subtle. The hair is not too shiny or hard like a lot of synthetic wigs. The hair is softand manageable. Do not brush this wig. A simple separation with fingers should suffice.

          Best value for my money!

          This is a first! I typically buy wigs and it's SO obvious it's a wig. This one is different. I didn't even have to pluck it. Just cut off the lace, put her on and... let me just tell you I have an attitude when I'm wearing this. Lol. It's so soft it's ridiculous. The length is fabulous, fits on my baby head and looks amazing.

          New Wave Golden Fluffy Hot Wigs
          Pooka Jackson
          Love this wig!

          Love this wig have already gotten so many compliments easy to install preparted and baby hairs so not much work to do will definitely buy again.