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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 20 reviews
          Margarita Kofalt
          Beautiful Traditional Cap Wig

          This is the first wig I ever bought! The hair and the color are gorgeous, but I did need to doctor it up quite a bit to make it look more realistic. I find that the description is a bit deceiving because it does mention lace in addition to a traditional wig cap, but it is just a traditional cap wig. I’m lucky that my root color is similar to the roots of the wig, so I was able to incorporate my own baby hairs as well as ones I cut on the wig to blend into my hairline. I also lightened the part so it looks more natural. All that said, I’m super excited about this wig. People are loving this look! The shipping did take a while but not as long as I expected based on the reviews. Took a little over 2 weeks and I had access to tracking information the whole time. It actually took the longest when it got to the US, so not at all the vendor’s fault.

          Dawn Marie
          I LOVE this wig

          This is sooo beautiful! The color is amazing & I feel like an angel when I wear it!

          Lovely pink in hot wigs

          Love this wig. First wig I ever purchased and I don’t regret it I’m in love with the colour and the style of it

          Faye Chester

          Don’t really like the fact it has short bits of hair poking out at the bottom, but it is a pretty wig and fits well.

          Toni M
          Not like the model but def love it

          I get good compliments on the wig, the color is beautiful but the hairline is a little meh, I wear a beanie or headband with it so no biggie