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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 50 reviews

          Loved everything about it.

          Amanda Shinkle

          I love this piece.
          I have spent hundreds of dollars on wigs and only have one other that compares to the quality of this one.
          I wish there were more styles in this color. Like a lob, or asymmetrical cut because this thing is amazing.
          I have received so many compliments.
          There's only two problems that I have with it. I have ordered the thickest you can go. But at the front of the face it is so thick that wearing a headband is super noticeable because of the hump that it gives.
          The other problem is how easy it is to tangle. This is something that I wear daily. Within a matter of a week it starts to naturally dread even after brushing with a wide tooth comb which initially just makes more rats.
          I'm thinking with a shorter length it will not be as bad. Keep the curls keep the color but please adjust the length and make more options!
          I wore this to our renewal in Vegas recently. Photos provided.
          So far I have ordered four. The price and quality together keeps me coming back. Especially since they wear so fast with the hair tangling. I am able to have extras while washing the previous ones.
          A must have.
          More examples on my Instagram. Mandaizum


          Literally stopped wearing all of my other wigs. In L O V E

          Lolita St James
          ONe the best so far!!!!

          Gurls get this wig!!!! I have bought 2 already!!!!! They are thick! They are a pretty blond that you dont expect with the darker here in between. And, MEN LOVE MY HAIR ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!

          Christi Jett
          New wave Golden fluffy hot wigs

          Love this wig
          Bought More to have a variety...have lupus and Am losing my hair...had
          Extensions and the glue pulled my hair out
          Will by More in the future 😊!!!